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    Fr. Victor A. Bieberle Assembly 2316

Prayer List

  • Mary Alice Albert (wife of Ron)
  • Richard Birzer
  • Patti Brandt (wife of Bob)
  • Ruth Brecken (Wife of Dick)
  • Jim Dixon
  • Azelia Efferson (wife of Joe)
  • Eleanor Favrot (Mother-in-law of Ed Aucoin)
  • Evelyn and Marshal Garrison
  • Mike Garstecki
  • Bob Gieringer (son of Wally)
  • Julie Gill (Sister of John Combes)
  • Patricia Goodson (Wife of Jim)
  • Karen Gremillion (wife of Larry)
  • Steve Hasty (Son-in-Law of Jim Goodson)
  • Frank Heverly (May he rest in peace)
  • Betty Hoepner (wife of Richard)
  • Damian Janush (son of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Georgia Janush (wife of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Billy Jones
  • Fred Jungers
  • Wayne Kapple
  • Cliff & Bernie Kernen
  • Patricia Khuen (wife of deceased Knight James)
  • Scott Krantz
  • Richard Kroetz
  • Marianne and Al Kuhn
  • Lucine Lakebrink (Wife of Mike)
  • Cynthia LaMont (wife of Ken Silvers)
  • Trey Lucas (grandson of Mike Garstecki)
  • Marcie Margel (wife of deceased Sir Knight John)
  • Jim McDade
  • Mary McDade (Sister of Jim)
  • Elizabeth McGee (daughter of Buddy Dixon)
  • Bob and Betty Mierzwiak
  • Walter Mitchell
  • Kathy Oesterle (Wife of Rolf)
  • Judie Pearson (wife of deceased Sir Knight Tom)
  • Ray Peters
  • Ida Porterfield (wife of Clyde)
  • Dianne Prescott (wife of Don)
  • Bob Rodgers
  • Rich Ronneau (Brother-in-Law of Mike Botkin)
  • Albert Sevigny (Cousin of Art Morissette)
  • Dorothy Sobczak (wife of deceased Sir Knight Casimer)
  • Molly Spaniel (Daughter of Milt)
  • Jim Staudt
  • Tom and Marge Thornton
  • Marilyn Wietlispach (wife of Carmen)
  • Connie Wilson (wife of Gordon)
  • Eileen Woods (Mother-in-Law of Deacon John Froning)
  • Martha Yerina ( Wife of Tom)
  • xxx Yerina (granddaughter of Tom)

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Bill Welch and Dave Johnston
Bill Welch and Dave Johnston
The installation of officers for the 2014-2015 fraternal year was held on Tuesday evening, May 27.  Former Faithful Navigator and District 10 Deputy Ed Miller took the place of Arkansas Master Russ Anzalone in conducting the installation.

Spouses were invited to attend and widows were guests.  Knights were dressed in full regalia.  The awards and the installation ceremony were preceded by a $13 per plate dinner with the following menu:  Caesar salad, crusted Parmesan chicken breast, Florentine tomato and shell pasta in a sun dried tomato with Tiramisu and lady fingers for dessert.

The meeting began with awards announced and presented by Faithful Navigator Bill Welch:

Appreciation Award to Phil Carl "For all of your work over the years."
     One of the backbones of the St Francis House Project, co-chair of the CPID project, and Honor Guard member, to name just a few of the many activities you have undertaken during this period of your life, we all wish you happiness in the next phase of your life.

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For the third consecutive year, the American Legion, Knights of Columbus Assembly, VFW, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart will be hosting a Flag Day Celebration on Saturday, June 14, at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in the Village. The program will include a Patriotic Rosary at 10:00am in the main body of the church followed by a reception and program in the lower hall starting at 11:00.  These are independent events.  You can attend both or either one.

The doors to the lower hall will be opened at 10:00am. The reception will include free finger food, coffee, and ice tea which should be enough food to make a good lunch.  As part of the program, Dennis Zymboly will have a display of various flags located on the stage area of the lower hall.  The display can be viewed both before the formal program starts at 11:00 and immediately after completion. Dennis will be available to describe the flags and their history.

The program will be similar in format to the last two years and will feature a musical celebration of our flag.  During the program, the Sons of the American Revolution will be recognizing one of the Village organizations for patriotic contributions to the Village.  To help support the Knights of Columbus “Flags Forever” program, a 50/50 drawing will be held.  Tickets will be on sale at both entryways to the lower hall.  Three prizes will be paid.  Seating will be limited to the first 200 arrivals.  The formal program will last approximately one hour.
Phil Carl (l) and Ron Boudreaux standing guard at the vigil.
Phil Carl (l) and Ron Boudreaux standing guard at the vigil.
Bishop Emeritus Andrew J. McDonald, 90, the former bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock for 28 years, died April 1, 2014 at St. Joseph Home for the Elderly in Palatine, IL after months of declining health.  He was the fifth bishop of the diocese, serving from 1972 to 2000.  

Many important diocesan ministries were started during his tenure.  However, he considered his most significant experience to be a visit to Little Rock in 1982 by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta  during which she agreed to send sisters to run Abba House (an annual beneficiary of Council 10208's charity since 2010). 
The vigil service with rosary for Bishop McDonald was held Monday, April 7 at the Cathedral of St Andrew in Little Rock. It was followed by an all-night vigil during which the Cathedral remained open for prayer and visitation. The Mass of Christian Burial and interment was celebrated at the Cathedral on Tuesday, April 8.

Assembly 2316 was represented by a total of 10 Sir Knights who participated in the Vigil  and the Mass of Christian Burial.  Standing guard from 4:00-5:00am were Ron Boudreaux, Phil Carl, Bob Heisler, and Tom Yerina; from 6:00-7:00am were Bill Patterson, Jack Griffin, Mike Kerwin, and Ed Miller.  In addition, Bill, Jack, Mike, and Ed were joined by Gerald Krawczynski and Bill Nosek as part of the 16-member Honor Guard at the Mass.  All of the knights thought it was a great experience to participate in these ceremonies for Bishop McDonald.

Scott Kantz and Dan Murphy heating the pizzas in the St Francis kitchen.
Scott Kantz and Dan Murphy heating the pizzas in the St Francis kitchen.
The second on-site meal of 2014 as served to 55 vets and staff at St Francis House on Thursday evening, April 3.  Thanks to the volunteers who provided and served the dinner. 

Assembly members included Tom Donnelly who provided 68 Subway 6’ subs, and Dan Murphy and Scott Krantz who prepared 20 large Papa Murphy pizzas.

The American Legion Post 123 and the Auxiliary provided a variety of desserts.  Their volunteers at the meal included Jim and Janine Gruenewald, Garry and Elva Berry, Dallas and Mary Erdman, Tom and Sandy Durant, and Anna Meaux.

Knight John Bodensteiner, Assembly 2316's coordinator of the vet evening meal program, and his son-in-law Troy Nottestad helped as well.

The vets were very appreciative of the great food, and they gave many compliments to the volunteers.

A special thanks goes to Ben Bradley, owner of Papa Murphy's Pizza in Little Rock, for giving a special deal on his pizzas for the

Arkansas Master Russell Anzalone (l) presents the award to Faithful Navigator Bill Welch.
Arkansas Master Russell Anzalone (l) presents the award to Faithful Navigator Bill Welch.
Assembly 2316 was recognized as 2012-2013 Assembly of the Year for the Bienville Province which includes Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  Arkansas State Master Russell Anzalone made the presentation at the Assembly’s Valentines dinner with spouses and widows on February 14 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. Accepting the award was current Faithful Navigator Bill Welch for last year’s Faithful Navigator, Ed Miller, who had submitted the application, but was unable to attend.

The award is presented annually as a tribute to the spirit of patriotism and national pride exemplified in the patriotic activities conducted by Fourth Degree Assemblies that conduct a minimum of four different patriotic programs during the fraternal year.

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As part of its commitment to the vets at St Francis House, the Knights of Columbus coordinated a meal that was served on January 16 to about 60 vets and staff.  Mike and Ruth Kerwin prepared a pasta dish and French bread as well as sweet tea and coffee.  Their entre was supplemented by a great garden salad made by Anna Suttor.  Members of the HSV vet organizations provided a variety of delicious desserts.  

In addition to the aforementioned, the following attended to help serve the meal and socialize with the vets:  from the Knights of Columbus were coordinator John Bodensteiner, Tom Donnelly, and Carl Suttor; from VFW Post 10483 were Lew Ake and Jim and Beverly Albright; from the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 783 was Jim Grant; and, from the American Legion Post 123 and Auxiliary were Mary and Dallas Erdman, Jim Gruenewald, Leo Keys, and Anna Maeux.

The next on-site meal is scheduled for Thursday, April 3.

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A 6:00pm social with a Christmas theme was held for the vets at St Francis House on Monday, December 2, with 48 vets attending (40 men and 8 women).  To start the evening, all of the vets and the team members met in the hall, held hands, and prayed for God's blessing. 

Each vet was presented with a $10 Walmart gift card.  The gift cards were purchased from donations from the Knights, VFW, American Legion, and the Order of the Purple Heart.  It only required a hug and kiss to get a card from Anna Suttor.

Gerry Krawczynski.and Ray Ambrozich made six gift baskets that were given away as door prizes.  Anna Suttor did a superb job of decorating the hall as can be seen in the pictures.  Mike Murphy provided two DVD/CD players that were used to play music in each of the rooms.

The volunteers who provided food and who were in attendance included:  Ray and Gynnie Ambrozich, Rosemary Monarque, Anna Suttor, Mike and Ruth Kerwin, Bill Nosek, Larry and Rebecca Linteau, Phil and Marlene Carl, and Mike Murphy.  The following provided food but were not in attendance: Ed Keearns, Lanny Mabus, Patricia Khuen, Mike Garstecki, Valerie Hartnett, Bill Patterson, Libby Dyar, and Judie Pearson.

The vets were very appreciative.  View pictures in Photos.
Gary Clemmons by his plaque
Gary Clemmons by his plaque
A new program recently started with Bed, Bath and Beyond in Hot Springs.  They will joining their sister operations in North Little Rock and Little Rock in making regular donations to St. Francis House.  Ken Mace from St. Francis House makes the pick ups in NLR and LR.  The Assembly team is assuming responsibility for the pick up and delivery of the items from the Hot Springs' store.  Assembly volunteers are neded to assist with this program.

Ken and Mike Kerwin made the first pick up in mid October.  A  second pick up was made shortly thereafter.  On November 6, Phil Carl and Mike made the third pick up .  Weekly pick ups are anticipated, after having made made three in four weeks.  Mike is notified in advance when the pick ups are ready. 

They require a full-size van or truck based upon earlier pick ups.  The store items are in boxes other than the comforters that are in plastic bags.  Weekly deliveries from varioius sources have been made by volunteers to St. Francis House for over a year now.

Gary Clemmons was in the program 11 years ago and ever since has worked at St. Francis House.  He is always very helpful whenever Assembly volunteers are there for a drop off or a social.

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