Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
      Daniel P. Sullivan Council 10208
    Fr. Victor A. Bieberle Assembly 2316

Official Dress for all 4th Degree Members at required functions (Member Regalia)

Official functions of the Fourth Degree include would include Fourth Degree Installation of officers, Fourth Degree Exemplification.

  • Black Tuxedo
  • Plain white Tuxedo shirt-Pleated and with collar (no wing collar)
  • Black bow tie
  • Tuxedo studs and cuff links
  • Black cummerbund (no vests)
  • Black foot ware
  • Social Baldric (worn under coat)
  • Lapel Pin (Only official pin of Fourth Degree, Supreme supply item PG-113)
  • Name Badge

When 4th Degree dress is required at an official function, he may wear the jewel of his office around his neck, be it Third or Fourth Degree, together with his baldric.  This applies only if he is currently serving in that office.

Past Grand Knight or Past Faithful Navigator may wear the miniature jewel of those offices.

Official Regalia Dress – Color Corps

Fourth Degree Dress as above with the following additions or changes:

  • Black Chapeau with plume color of his office
  • Black Cape with lining of the color of his office
  • White gloves
  • Service Baldric, worn over the tuxedo jacket
When a sword is not permitted for any reason the Service Baldric shall be worn nevertheless.  No Social Baldric.
Color bearers wear a color-bearer harness and the Service Baldric with no sword.

Incumbents only may wear jewels of office.  Past and Former Miniature jewels of office may be worn.

No name badge may be worn when dressed in Color Corps regalia.

Official functions of the Fourth Degree would include Fourth Degree Installation of officers, Fourth Degree Exemplification.

Social Parties sponsored by the Fourth Degree Assembly

Social Functions such as parties, and general gatherings sponsored by a Fourth Degree Assembly are not included as Official Functions of the Fourth Degree and there are no rules governing the dress.

However, the official dress of a Fourth Degree member should be worn but it is not required or expected.  If the Faithful Navigator specifically requires Regalia Dress to be worn then it is expected that those attending will comply with his request.

August 20, 2009                                                                                    Assembly 2316